Mercer – a leading provider of corporate pensions – wanted support to make affluent and mass affluent customers aged 55+ more comfortable with their future.

This is an audience that does not have Independent Financial Advisors and so would benefit from coaching advice to prepare for retirement, through a holistic digital solution.


The Envizage engine was selected to power a wellness-based mobile app; ‘Future coach’, that takes financial information based on the customer’s household, using sophisticated modelling techniques to explore possible financial future outcomes and provide the steps to make them a reality.

The app was based on four key factors that provided a financial scorecard and customisable future plan.

  • Stamina – measuring how long customers could expect their family’s money to last
  • Agility – measuring customers’ ability to quickly access money to make lifestyle changes
  • Resilience – measuring how well customers could cope with unexpected financial costs or life events
  • Independence – measuring the age customers can stop working and maintain the lifestyle you want


Within just four weeks Envizage, together with our project partner Space, supplied a prototype with a simple and engaging user experience that was ready to be tested by end users. Through the Envizage API, Mercer was able to show customers that a sustainable financial future was possible, with a realistic framework which could help them to navigate life’s challenges.

Following extensive user testing, 78% felt they had improved or significantly improved on their retirement plans.

How it performed

78% improved on retirement plans