One of the world’s largest banks wanted to reach a targeted segment of Millennials based in their home market, aged 25 – 34, who are affluent but not typically interested in financial planning. The bank believed a bespoke application would be more effective than a white label solution.

 The bank needed a trusted partner to work on an app and engage this hard to  reach audience, supporting them to achieve the best possible  financial outcomes.


Envizage’s API powered a responsive mobile-first ‘Fortune Teller’ app that would help existing and prospective customers quickly and easily plan for the future without needing to understand complex financial matters.

Based on the users’ aspirations and goals, the Envizage engine served suggestions through the app, helping users find the right products at the right time.


Fortune Teller empowered the bank to increase its market and mind share with this important and challenging customer segment.  Envizage’s API helped the bank’s customers improve their financial wellbeing with a simple yet engaging digital experience.

From concept through to launch the development took just twelve weeks.

How it performed

8:30 average
dwell time

25% CTA clicks

15% lead generation