Reduce your compliance burden and regulatory costs

Envizage can help to deliver consistency across the customer journey that is in line with regulations

  • Using the Envizage API provide a consistent framework across client engagements both digitally and advisor led
  • Create a consistent fact find process that can be leveraged to support suitability and vulnerability reporting
  • Create product recommendations that are defensible to regulators and provide a consistent framework for advisors supporting compliance and training requirements
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Attract a younger demographic to your protection solutions

Engage millennial and even gen Z customers with your products by creating a digital solution that positions your products in their life context

  • Create engaging and differentiated application for younger demographic with the Envizage API
  • Introduce younger audience to protection solutions earlier on in context of life goals
  • Position your credit, investment and insurance products in your customers’ life context
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Help your customers understand the value of your products

Provide a transparent framework to show how insurance products can support your client’s needs

  • Create engaging and differentiated application to allow customers to identify products
  • Position your insurance products in your customers’ life context
  • Simplify the context of products in terms of your customers life goals
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