Retain your customers’ assets as they transition from accumulation to deaccumulation

Leverage a flexible access drawdown planning tool that supports cash flow modelling and attitude to risk

  • Create a flexible access drawdown planning application powered by Envizage API
  • This can support cash flow modelling including attitude to risk and selection
  • Annuity selection process
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Ensure a high regulatory compliance standard for your retirement solutions

Envizage can help to deliver consistency across the customer journey that is in line with compliance regulations

  • Using the Envizage API, provide a consistent framework across client engagements, both digitally and advisor led
  • Create a consistent fact-find process that can be leveraged to support suitability and vulnerability reporting, especially when serving products such as equity release
  • Create product recommendations that are defensible to regulators and provide a consistent framework for advisors supporting compliance and training requirements
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Help your customers make smarter at-retirement choices at scale

Enhance the business value and effectiveness of your human, digital or hybrid at-retirement proposition by showing your customers why they should engage with it

  • Create a wellness-based hybrid retirement planning app leveraging the Envizage API
  • Support a wider customer-base with coaching advice digitally
  • Take holistic financial data and explore possible future outcomes within their life context to make personalised recommendations supporting their transition to retirement
  • Provide information about pension consolidation, DB to DC Transfer, drawdown vs. annuitisation, withdrawal sequencing, equity release and long-term care in a way that is relevant
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Give your customers a compelling reason to consolidate their pensions

Show your customers how they can achieve their retirement goals by aggregating pensions data, showing it within their life context

  • Illustrate how customers can better achieve their goals through consolidation by leveraging the Envizage API
  • Position pension consolidation in your customers’ life context
  • Easily integrate open banking and account aggregation across savings and pension accounts to show the benefit
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