Reduce your compliance burden and regulatory costs

Envizage can help to deliver consistency across the customer journey that is in line with regulations

  • Using the Envizage API provide a consistent framework across client engagements both digitally and advisor led
  • Create a consistent fact find process that can be leveraged to support suitability and vulnerability reporting
  • Create product recommendations that are defensible to regulators and provide a consistent framework for advisors supporting compliance and training requirements
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Help your customers plan their legacy and estate

Enable your customers to visualise and plan across their estate, with oversight of potential liabilities

  • Leverage the Envizage API to provide legacy planning applications that can be applied across a customer’s estate
  • Provide them with the ability to see potential liabilities and make suggestions on how best to manage them
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Retain your customers’ assets as they transition from accumulation to deaccumulation

Leverage a flexible access drawdown planning tool that supports cash flow modelling and attitude to risk

  • Create a flexible access drawdown planning application powered by Envizage API
  • This can support cash flow modelling including attitude to risk and selection
  • Annuity selection process
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Provide a wealth management proposition for all members of your customer’s family

Create a financial planning application that can be applied across a household and shaped to suit their needs

  • Leverage the Envizage API to provide family-based planning applications that can be applied across a household
  • Provide different levels of applications dependant on family status as a client or non-paying client
  • Support customers with inheritance tax planning through a digital solution that aggregates customer data and makes recommendations based on predicted outcomes
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Scale your advisor-based wealth management service proposition

Add a powerful “always-on” digital collaboration layer that increases the efficiency and effectiveness of your human advisors

  • Leverage Envizage API to provide solutions to help reduce cost and time to serve for advisers, as well as providing a digital solution to support clients
  • Allow Envizage API to help service tail clients and prospect new clients
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